Monika Fauler was born in Sigmaringen, Germany. After finishing fashion school in Klagenfurt, Austria, she studied Visual Media Design at the University of Art and Design in Linz, Austria and as an exchange student in Illustration at École des Arts Déco in Strasbourg, France. After her degree she worked as Graphic Designer and Art Director in the field of Interactive Media & Design in Vienna, Austria. Since several years she has specialized in Corporate Illustration and Corporate Design. She has drawn Illustrations for The Red Bulletin F1, StadtAnsichten, The Fifa Weekly, Ampere, Zeit Online, and more.





· Finalist  Hiii Illustration 2016 International Competition - Nomination Commercial (Asia)


· World Illustration Awards 2015 -  2x shortlisted in the Category “Research and Knowledge Communication” (UK)


· Prix Multimedia Austria 2004 Category “E-Learning” (AT)



Artworks were featured in international highly regarded professional design publications:


· Lürzer’s 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide 2016/17 (DE/AT)


· Freistil 6 The Book of Illustrators by Hermann Schmidt 2017 (DE)


· 3×3 Illustration Directory Illo 2015 (USA)


· Taschen Calendar  2013 & 2014 (DE)


· 3×3 Illustration Directory Illo 2012 (USA)


· Illustration Now! Vol.4 by Taschen 2011 (DE)